The PatchFlow® Patch

Built on recent medical developments and advancements in flexible electronics, PatchFlow® is the future of healing — today.

In the past, consumers could only access microcurrent healing technologies through large, expensive devices, and connected by cables in a clinical environment. Due to the expense of the technology, consumers could only access high intensity bursts for short periods of time.

Healing is a gradual process, favouring consistency over intensity, with clinical studies conclusively proving that microcurrent technologies are most effective when applied at gentler intensities over extended periods of time. With PatchFlow® HealWear™ technology, you can wear your healing on the go.

Discover The Science of PatchFlow  

The Technology Behind PatchFlow®

PatchFlow combines a number of recent technological advances, doing away with the large, expensive machines and unsightly cables, to bring medical-grade microcurrent healing technology to consumers, and making it wearable.

Always On

PatchFlow® leverages highly conductive graphene nanotechnology to ensure consistent, effective healing.

Energy Flow Points

There are 24 energy flow points positioned to target the applied area and optimize distribution of microcurrent.

Healing on a Chip

The advanced microcircuitry in the patented chip precisely regulates the flow of energy for optimal healing.

The Science of PatchFlow®

The Science of PatchFlow

Tech Specs

  • 8 Weeks Guaranteed Current
  • One-Year Limited Warranty
  • Energy Source 1.5V
  • Non-Allergic Glue
  • Class 1 CE Certified