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Find out more about PatchFlow, how to use it, and what to keep in mind. We have also included the basics about treatment, safety, and additional product information.

General FAQs

How does PatchFlow® work?

The patch operates on circuitry that activates your body’s natural healing response.

How do I start using the patch?

Tear open the hermetically sealed pouch and take out the first patch. Remove the backing layer and apply it.

How long can I use the patch for?

PatchFlow® is designed to firmly adhere to your skin and has a typical service life of up to 96 hours. Keep it on until it naturally comes off your skin.

Can I shower with it?

We do not recommend subjecting the patch to water. You can remove the patch before taking a shower and apply a new one after.

Where do I place it?

The patch can be placed anywhere on the outside of the body. It is most effective within 10-15 cm of the pain area, away from where skin folds.

How will I feel with the patch?

Most people don’t feel anything. Some people can feel a slight vibration in the beginning.

What if the patch comes off?

If the patch is worn out, we recommend you put on a new one.

Can I take it off and put it on again?

No. As soon as you place it the patch should not be removed.

Does the patch have risks?

No. There are no chemicals or drugs entering the body.

What do I do if I feel itching or irritation?

If itching or irritation persists, remove the patch immediately. Itching or irritation can happen in cases of extreme moisture or sweat. In rare cases, some people might be allergic to the FDA and EMA approved medical glue.